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About Us


My name is JUAN HERNANDEZ, owner of Cafe Potosi Colombia S.A.S.

We are a company formally created in 2018 and legally registered with the Colombian authorities, located in the city of Bogotá D.C.

Our farms have been producing high quality coffee for more than 50 years, but in recent years it has been decided to process and commercialize it directly to our customers to bring them closer to the experience and quality of coffee.

We focus on having a properly registered, high-quality, environmentally friendly product and, not least important, we help generate employment in Colombia, considering that it is the way to guarantee progress, well-being and peace.

Our commercial policy can be summarized in 4 characteristics:

- Transparency
- Honesty
- Quality
- Customer Service

Thank you for choosing us and we hope that our taste and aroma will delight you.

Cafe Potosi, specialty coffee for special clients.