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POTOSI™ Colombian Gourmet Ground Coffee X 5 Lb (2500 grams)

Potosí, La Floresta, and La Primavera are Colombian Farms with an Arabica vast coffee field, located close to Armenia within the coffee triangle of Colombia. Our specialty gourmet ground coffee is cultivated, process, export, roast with sustainable practices.

POTOSI™ Ground Coffee focuses to bring the world a richer, better cup of coffee, our Arabica coffee beans are handpicked, roasted, and packed in Colombia through sustainably sourced coffee. You will feel alive every time you enjoy your cup of coffee and is a special gift for coffee lovers.

POTOSI™ Ground Coffee will always guarantee the final quality of the gourmet food coffee, you are purchasing the Intense Aroma, Medium Acidity, a Silky Body, Panela Sweet, and Medium Roast striking the perfect balance to brighten your day.

POTOSI™ Ground Coffee has 50 years of Colombian Coffee production that uses sustainable practices and traditional artisan processes’ to deliver the premium whole bean medium roast coffee you are used to.

POTOSI™ Ground Coffee is medium ground for use in traditional coffee brewing in order to get the perfect cup of coffee into the comfort of your own home.