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SteelHot™ French Press Coffee Maker

“I can’t say enough about this great coffer maker! This coffee press is just as good, if not better, than my fancy expensive one I use at home. My family is avid campers, and I looked for something I could take with us on our family camping trip that would produce the same cup of coffee I would get at home. I was impressed! great coffee, hot till the last drop, and such a well-made product that I expect to have for years to come.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Arketa Franklin
 Verified Buyer

Nothing is more motivating and enjoyable thanpreparing and tasting a cup of good hot, well-filtered coffee to start your day. In order to have agood quality and temperature drink, it is necessary to use a goodcoffee maker of the required size. However, this experience can beruined when our coffee maker is easily broken, causing additional expenses. In addition, producing drinks withunwanted residues andloss of temperature can beunpleasant.

The SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker is a robust and elegant double filter coffee maker ideal for making coffee or tea at the home, office, or outdoors. It is made entirely of stainless steel, durable, and resistant to impacts, avoiding damage in different environments. Thanks to its feature double layer of insulation in its design, the SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker guarantees to have hot drinks for more hours, allowing you to enjoy your coffee or tea anywhere.




✅  HIGHLY RESISTANT: The SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker is wholly made of stainless steel, resistant to shocks or falls, so it lasts much longer. Due to its quality, it is ideal for activities at home, office, travel, or camping.

✅  KEEPS TEMPERATURE LONGER: Thanks to its double-layer insulation feature and metal, the drinks' temperature stays hot for longer than a regular French press. Now it is possible to have the second cup of coffee and still be hot.


✅  THE TASTE OF COFFEE IS BETTER: The SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker It is a mechanism for preparing coffee by extraction, which allows it to get the best out of coffee in flavor and intensity. Thanks to the double internal filter, no coffee residue remains in the cup.

✅  DURABLE AND RESISTANT: Regular French presses are glass or plastic, so they often break. The metal SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker lasts much longer and resists the regular blows of washing or transport.


✅  IDEAL FOR TRAVEL AND CAMPING: The metal SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker Being made of very resistant metal, it is a good companion for business trips or vacations. During camping activities, it can be used on the stove or campfire without inconvenience.

✅  TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT: The metal SteelHot French Press Coffee Maker does not require paper filters, capsules, or any other input to filter, only water and coffee or tea. Coffee waste is entirely biodegradable.



We understand how demotivating it can be to have to drink poorly prepared coffee due to an inefficient and poor quality coffee makers. Worse yet, having to consume coffee prepared in extraction methods that produce bad-tasting drinks full of annoying sediment. On top of that, cold coffee or tea only adds to the frustration after a while because the coffee maker cannot keep warm.

Fortunately, our SteelHot ™ French Press Coffee Maker is the answer to your concerns and resists much longer, allowing you to make good-tasting coffee or tea efficiently. Its double filter feature offers, as a result, a coffee without residues, and its double-layer maintains the temperature for hours. The resistant SteelHot™ French Press Coffee Maker makes it possible to enjoy quality coffee at any time and place, even during camping activities.





Style: French Press

Color: Silver

Material: SS 304 Stainless Steel

Capacity: 350/800/1000 ml 

Size for 350 ml: (L x H): Approx. 7.6 cm x 16.5 cm

Size for 800 ml: (L x H): Approx. 9.2 cm x 20 cm

Size for 1000 ml: (L x H): Approx. 10.5 cm x 22 cm 


1* SteelHot™ French Press Coffee Maker, Size as required.

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